OK, so you have decided you are ready to make the move and sell your home.  Now your first order of business: choose a Realtor who will best represent you in your sale … your Realtor as your trusted advisor.  I would suggest you meet with 2-3 agents if possible.  Sometimes homeowners will go with a recommendation from a friend or family member, which is totally fine. They had the experience, and if they are recommending them to you, it probably is a safe bet.  I might just ask them what their experience was like, and why they think they would best represent you in your sale.  Write a list of questions that will be important for you to know so that you can refer to it– know what is important to you when selecting the right agent – write that down so you cover those points in your meetings.  What are some of the important qualities and factors you need to look for before selecting your agent?  Here are just a few …

First and foremost, you’ll want to find an agent who knows your neighborhood/your market, has knowledge of the schools, shopping, roads, and local amenities.

What is their list/sales ratios?   Of course, in this market most listings are going over asking – but what is their strategy for pricing a home as to where they believe will net you the highest sales price?   Don’t be fooled by agents “telling you what you want to hear” – that is not in your best interest.  Some agents will tell you your home is worth more then it is to “win the listing.” – when only to experience price reduction after price reduction.  Costing you time and money!  Have the agent prepare a “Comparative Market Analysis” based upon recently sold properties (3 months in this market) and what your property will be competing against should you list your home today.  This analysis will give you a good range of value as to where your property should be listed.  Pricing your home where it needs to be is KEY in getting the most activity/buyer interest that will ultimately gain you the contract on your home in the shortest amount of time.

How many closed transactions have they had in the last 12 months?  At least one a month would be a good average.  

How will agents market your home?    These days most buyers are searching online and educating themselves sometimes even before they contact an agent.  It is important that your agent give the home its best presentation online since that truly is the buyers “first showing”.  Checkout their website, real estate websites, social media, etc. of other listings they may have that will give you a good sense of how they will market your home online. 

Will agents help you stage your home prior to listing it?  Personally, I think staging a home will help enhance and highlight all the home has to offer where needed.  First impressions matter – so we want to make it a good one.  Setting the stage prior to the photographer coming in will only net you the best value for your home.  Having the agent make suggestions or recommendations to get your home show-ready is important

There are many moving parts to selling or purchasing a home, and at times can be very emotional.   Choose a Realtor who will support you throughout all parts of the transaction.  It’s not just about listing your home – it is everything in between.  It’s not about purchasing a home – it is everything in between.  If, things go sideways – you need to know and feel confident your Realtor will be there helping you through to help you “figure things out” – and believe me …  there are Realtors out there who will not be that!  So, when interviewing agents, choose wisely!  Make sure you feel comfortable and confident that they will represent you well “throughout” the process and get you to the closing table!   

Helping buyers & sellers achieve their real estate goals.

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