Why is my home not selling, even in a seller’s market?

Republished from Danbury News-Times

If you’re experiencing this dilemma as your house continues to sit on the market while other homes around you are going under deposit, you may need to ask why this is happening. Since we are in a seller’s market, here are a few things to ponder on to possibly change that.

Typically speaking, you should see the most activity within the first 30 days of your home hitting the market. Within the first two weeks, you should have a good gauge as to pricing and interest. If after 30 days of market time, you have not received an offer on the property, I usually advise my sellers that we will need to revisit and re-evaluate our marketing strategy and make any necessary adjustments that may be needed, based upon showing and agent feedback. If a home is priced well, it will sell regardless of condition.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Even in a seller’s market, you need to do the work necessary to make your home out shine your competition. Start by making sure your outside space is warm and inviting. Remove any clutter from inside the home.

Many times I will suggest staging the home to impress your potential buyers. You need to be show ready at all times. Buyers are searching online, so profes- sional photos are important to showcase your home at first sight. This will help your home sell faster.

You want to be as flexible as possible with showings. Buyers can’t buy what they can’t see. If there are pets in the house, re- move them for the showing, perhaps take them for a walk or if need be, contain them in one place. You don’t want your pets to be a distraction to the buyer when they are viewing your home.

Lastly, keeping good communication with your agent throughout the marketing and sales process is key to a successful out- come of your home sale.

Market Watch: Second Quarter 2018 Housing Results Are In

Republished from William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty

While the first quarter of 2018 was consistently down in unit sales and dollar volume compared to the same period the prior year, the second was more notable for its inconsistency from market to market. Certain areas remain behind the first half of 2017, while others are catching up or even exceeding the prior year. The drop off in unit sales in many markets was more a result of low inventory than low demand, and in several areas the high end is showing promising activity. Properties under contract overall, though not in every region, are increasing year over year, suggesting many markets will potentially recover some lost ground by year’s end. Please read our 2018 Second Quarter Market Watch for a more detailed analysis.

What Should You Consider Before Putting Your Home On The Market?

Republished from the Danbury News Times

Yes, word has it there is a shortage of inventory in our marketplace. That’s good news for the seller. So you finally got off the fence and decided to “make the move.” That’s great! Here are a few things you will need to consider prior to placing your home on the market.

First, schedule a meeting with your Realtor. He/she will come to your home to discuss your real estate goals. Some questions they will ask include why have you made the decision to sell your home? What is your timeline? Are you moving local or to another state? Purchasing another home, or renting? Do you need to sell yourhome for the equity for your new home purchase? What plans do you have in place for your move?


It is important your Realtor has a good understanding of your goals so together you are able to establish a plan of action and set reasonable expectations which will enable you to move forward.


Your home’s value will play a large role in determining how you move forward or not. If you are in negative equity for example, that is an important factor to consider in your decision making process.  To establish market value, your Realtor will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis, taking note of all relevant factors that will come into play when establishing value. This includes reporting homes similar to your home with similar criteria such as town/style/number of bedrooms and baths/square foot- age year built and acreage. The condition of your home compared to the homes in the report will be evaluated in the analysis.


Once a market value for the home has been determined, and your ready to move forward, important to get your home show- ready. One trick I suggest is to walk through your home room by room with a buyers’ eyes. This gives you good perspective of what the buyer will see and will highlight anything you may need to attend to.  If the home is in need of major repairs or updating, the home should be priced accordingly. Your Realtor may suggest a few things they feel would warrant attention to make the home show best. Often we will see curb appeal at the very top of the list. First impressions do matter!


Freshening up the flower beds, a fresh coat of paint on the door if necessary, a few flower pots and a welcome mat at the door is a perfect touch. A fresh coat of paint on the walls is an inexpensive fix and will do wonders if needed. Your Realtor may discuss staging the home if they think it would help in the sale of your home.

Remember, your Realtor’s goal is the same as yours: to sell your home for the highest price, in the least amount of time with the most favorable terms.

Laura Cruger, William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty, (203) 948-1103,

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How do I get the most value when I put my home on the market?

Republished from the Danbury News Times – 

As spring market is peeking it’s head out just around the corner, you may be asking yourself, “How do I get the most value for my home?”  Here are a few things to consider.

Pricing your home right is key! Two key points to keep in mind.  First, with interest rates ticking up a little bit, buyers budgets may be a little tighter.  Secondly, buyers may not have a lot in the budget to do many renovations.  If your home is in need of a little updating/sprucing up, there are definitely some cost effective ways of getting the job done.  In some cases, it is just your time and a little elbow grease to make your home shine. Spending a little money now can put more money in your pocket on closing day!

In some cases, it may be wise to have a pre-inspection.  This gives you the opportunity to address issues that could cost you more money in buyer concessions later.  Take care of minor maintenance items such as plumbing or electrical repairs.

Let’s move on to the curb.  Many buyers will do drive-by’s before deciding to request a showing of the home.  Make potential buyers fall in love with your home at first sight.   There’s nothing more welcoming then adding potted plants and flowers.  Hang a seasonal wreath on the front door.  Freshen up flower beds and shrubs, and mow the lawn.  It’s your first chance to make a good impression.

Declutter and do a deep clean top to bottom.  Clear out kitchen cupboards and drawers, under your sinks and in your closets.  Buyers will look!

Keep your home color pallet neutral.   It makes the home appear larger, and appeals to the broadest buyer pool.  Open blinds and shades, turning on lights for a cozy homelike feel.

Lastly, depersonalize!  Box your things to move to your new home, this will save you time later, and allows the buyer to imagine themselves living there.



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Agent Profile: Expert in Staging, Relocation

Republished from the Danbury News Times – April 1, 2018 edition  

Laura Cruger never wants anyone to have the same bad experiences she had when buying her second home.

“I really did have a bad experience prior to becoming a Realtor,” she said. “It was not a good situation, and it wound up in arbitration.”

The experience compelled her into real estate and in 2002, she obtained her Realtor’s license.

Cruger takes great pain to ensure her clients best interests are represented well throughout the sales process, referring only the best professionals and service providers, to work for her clients.

“I represent them one thousand percent,” she said. “I really hold their hands through the whole process.”

Her extensive education and list of special certifications and awards prove she has succeeded in her quest to be the best she can be, as do past clients calling to work with her again or sending her referrals.

A keen listener, Cruger treats her clients like family.

“I really feel like I’m very hands on and treat each client as if it was my son or daughter buying a house,” she said.

She knows how to determine the best value for sellers’ homes and can zone in quickly to determine what a buyer really wants. When it’s time to make a deal, she can negotiate with the best of them.

She also skillfully readies houses for sale, including decluttering and staging.

In addition, Cruger is adept at helping many clients, including seniors who are downsizing, through the emotional process.

“What’s rewarding to me as a Realtor is these are life changing moments, and I am so grateful to be a part of them,” she said. In 2013, Cruger was hired for a special assignment as a relocation real estate specialist at one of the largest domestic and international relocation companies in the area. This brought another level of expertise to add to her business practices.

Prior to launching her career in real estate, Cruger worked in New York City for many years in advertising as an administrator for a copywriter and an art director.

Those experiences fed her creative side. Now, she releases her creative juices by making flower arrangements and wreaths.

Cruger is married with two children aged 20 and 22, who, she said, are the lights of her life.

Business: William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty
Expertise: Residential sales, first-time home buyers, relocation
Works: Danbury, lives in Brookfield
Contact: Cell: (203) 948- 1103, Email: lcruger@

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