Laura Cruger wins the 2019 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award!

Laura Cruger wins the 2019 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award!

Five Star Real Estate Agents represent those who are outstanding in their field. Winning agents are selected as a result of a rigorous and objective research process. For any market, each year’s field of winners represents no more than 7% of agents within the market.

I am very grateful for this recognition … This is what keeps me doing what I love to do.  Thank you to all!

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Buyers are coming back … just in time for spring market!


There has been a 4.6 increase in contract sales states NAR Chief Economist Lauren Yun.  He attributes lower mortgage rates as a big factor, and believes rates should remain steady for 2019.  This is great news for the real estate market, as it gives buyers more buying power which ultimately feeds the market to contracts and ultimately sales.

Pending Home Sales Jump 4.6 Percent in January



Walkthrough Before Closing With Laura Cruger Real Estate in Newtown, Connecticut

Just a peek into the life of a Realtor … Checking in on a home for my relocation buyers prior to their scheduled closing. Doing the “walkthrough” is the term most Realtors will use. Normally, this is a step the buyer would do for themselves along with their Realtor, but since their closing will take place out of state, I am doing the walkthrough for them, to make sure that all is good with their new home purchase prior to their close.


Who represents who in a real estate transaction?

Republished from Danbury News-Times

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, understanding your relationship with your agent will help you negotiate the best deal.

When hiring a real estate agent, it’s important to understand whose side he or she is on. By knowing where your agent’s loyalties lie, you will know what you can tell them and what you cannot. For example, if you are dealing with an agent who represents the seller of a home you want to buy, you won’t want to mention you would pay anything to make this house your home.

Conversely, if you were a seller speaking to the agent representing

the buyer you wouldn’t tell him/ her you would accept less than you are asking.

Below are different types of agency representations:

Buyer’s agency

Buyer’s agent fiduciary duties are with the buyer and represents their best interest in their home purchase. Any information shared with the agent is strictly confiden- tial, unless otherwise instructed by the buyer.

Seller’s or listing agency

Seller’s agent acts on behalf of the seller and has fiduciary duties to the seller on the sale of their home. Any information shared with the agent is strictly confiden- tial, unless otherwise instructed by the seller.

Dual agency

When a real estate company can be the agent of both the buyer and seller. Dual agency arises when a buyer’s agent shows a property currently listed with the same brokerage. The real estate company can be the agent of both buyer and seller in a transaction providing the relationship is disclosed and is mutually agreed upon in writing by both parties. Dual agents owe both parties fair treatment, advice and guidance and negotiations to mutu- al agreeable terms and conditions. Lastly, dual agents cannot share price, terms or motivation of either party or disclose any confidential information without the permission of either the buyer or seller.

Designated agency

This option is available when either party is not comfortable with dual agency. In this case, an agent will be appointed to represent the buyer and seller separately in the transaction.

As always, having an open dialogue and good communication with your agent can only result in a smoother transaction.


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Should I keep my home on the market during the holidays?

Republished from the Danbury News Times

With the holiday season upon us, and our first snow storm in November, you may be asking yourself if you should keep your home on the market or take it off until spring.

That is a conversation I would have with my Realtor. Depending on my client’s specific situation, the answer can be very different.

If you want or need to sell as soon as possible, taking your home off the market will give

you zero chance of selling it. Two key benefits to keeping your home on the market during this time are that there is less competition and serious buyers are out there looking.

Traditionally in our area, the market has a significant slow down but that does not mean homes do not sell. I actually bought both of my homes in December. With the current lack of inventory doubling due to the amount of homes that traditionally will be off the market during the holidays, you have the best shot of selling yours. There is not a buyer out there during this time that is just looking … they are serious buyers for whatever their reasons.


Having said that, if you are not as eager to sell, have many holi- day celebrations planned and would rather not deal with keep- ing up with home showings, etc., taking your home off the market may be the right answer for you. If your home has a very steep driveway, that may give you pause. In marketing a home, we want to highlight the positive and downplay the negative. Best to start marketing your home in the warmer months.

If you are a seller that is look- ing to stay the course for that one perfect buyer, it is important to ensure your home is priced well and show ready.

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Why is my home not selling, even in a seller’s market?

Republished from Danbury News-Times

If you’re experiencing this dilemma as your house continues to sit on the market while other homes around you are going under deposit, you may need to ask why this is happening. Since we are in a seller’s market, here are a few things to ponder on to possibly change that.

Typically speaking, you should see the most activity within the first 30 days of your home hitting the market. Within the first two weeks, you should have a good gauge as to pricing and interest. If after 30 days of market time, you have not received an offer on the property, I usually advise my sellers that we will need to revisit and re-evaluate our marketing strategy and make any necessary adjustments that may be needed, based upon showing and agent feedback. If a home is priced well, it will sell regardless of condition.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Even in a seller’s market, you need to do the work necessary to make your home out shine your competition. Start by making sure your outside space is warm and inviting. Remove any clutter from inside the home.

Many times I will suggest staging the home to impress your potential buyers. You need to be show ready at all times. Buyers are searching online, so profes- sional photos are important to showcase your home at first sight. This will help your home sell faster.

You want to be as flexible as possible with showings. Buyers can’t buy what they can’t see. If there are pets in the house, re- move them for the showing, perhaps take them for a walk or if need be, contain them in one place. You don’t want your pets to be a distraction to the buyer when they are viewing your home.

Lastly, keeping good communication with your agent throughout the marketing and sales process is key to a successful out- come of your home sale.