Linda, I just wanted you to know how satisfied Anita and I are with our recent move, and how lucky we were to find Laura Cruger to help us with it.  After helping us find our dream house with a lake view, she was always there to guide us through each step of the process, as we negotiated the purchase of our new house and the sale of the old one.

Now that we know Laura, it’s clear why you call your business McCaffrey Realty Professionals.  Her calm professionalism got us through the most stressful parts of the process, and her sound advice and excellent referrals of an inspector, a plumber, and a mover helped make everything go through without a hitch.  I will not hesitate to recommend her and the McCaffrey team to anyone who is thinking of buying or selling a home.

Thank you for living up to your name by having people like Laura on the team, and please let her know (again) how much we enjoyed working with her, and how much we appreciate all that she did to help us make our dream come true.”

 “Laura is detail-oriented, knows her profession well and is willing to tackle the tasks required to get the job done!”

I had no idea that a Realtor could handle even the smallest of detail.  Please know that I will tell anyone I know about you if they want to buy or sell a home.  Laura you are the best!”

 “Laura Cruger is the first thought that comes to my mind when thinking of moving.  With that thought, an instant calm comes over you because you know you are in great hands and will be well taken care of!

Two years ago, we had the good fortune of meeting Laura Cruger, a woman who gets things done!  My husband and I made the decision to sell our house where we raised our family for twenty one years.  With our children gone it was time to “go Condo”.  This decision was made in March and we wanted the house on the market my May 1st.  Many little jobs that had been put off for years now had to be done within four weeks.  Impossible for most, but not Laura!  She arranged everything from carpenters, painters, handymen and haulers.  May 1st the house was on the market.  Two months later we were moving out – the house was sold! 

Laura always makes herself available.  Laura returns phone calls, emails and getting answers to questions quickly.  She is extremely easy to work with. Laura makes you feel even the most trivial question are important.  

My husband and I have now moved again, and again Laura has been there to help us through the transition.  She keeps the calm and gets things accomplished around a situation that is anything but calm.  .Laura Cruger is definitely the GO TO real estate agent when you are selling or buying a home!”

 “Thank you again for your guiding hand, and expertise in selling my home and finding my new home. I truly can say, all you did for me was “over the top!”

 “Laura is the best!  I have grown to another level of appreciating Realtors working with her!  I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home!!” 

“My very first experience with you assured me that you are a professional in every way!  I felt very comfortable with you the first day I met you and I still feel the same way.  You have made what could have been a very stressful experience into a very pleasant one.  You have my sincere thanks for that and I look forward to the next step….getting me into the condo that I love!”

 “Thank you for doing a great job.  We are very happy in our new home.  We could not be happier about our purchase and our Realtor!”

“Laura Cruger is an outstanding real estate who has the ability to put herself in the buyer/seller’s position and yet still achieve results equitable for everyone. I was fortunate enough to buy and sell with Laura and she was there to guide me through all the processes along the way. I originally gave her this challenge: ‘You will probably never find what I would really like: a house in a condo setting.” Not only did she find the perfect place, but it was almost immediate, because she does her research, and is very knowledgeable about the local inventory. My former house had some issues to deal with that I thought were insurmountable, but Laura guided me to the solutions. If you want a realtor of outstanding integrity don’t hesitate to call Laura Cruger!”

“Laura has helped me make one of the biggest transitions in my life. Going for a house I was in for over 26 years to a condo was not easy for me. It was a very emotional period of my life. Laura understood that and she tried to make it as smooth as possible for me. Well, I sold my house and bought my new condo on the same day. I sold my house in less than 2 months and bought something in less than 5 weeks! The experience could have been one full of problems, delays, tears and worries but having Laura as my agent and now as my friend made it all easy and just happen so quickly and with no worries. Her knowledge of the market trends and negotiating skills made it all go just the way I wanted it to. When I tell everyone what a smooth process it was, they wonder why. I say that someone is looking out for me and sent me the right people to help me through this emotional time. I will definitely call Laura again when I have other Real Estate needs.”

Because of my job, my wife and I have had to move more than we wanted to, being as it may, I have experienced realtors from a good many number of states and agencies. Laura Cruger is at the top of a long list. She is knowledgeable about the community, she knows and understands market trends, knows what to look for in a house, and most important, to me anyway, she was always readily available to answer my questions. Laura Cruger is highly recommended if you need a home.

Thanks to Laura’s efforts, our house sold in less than 2 months. Laura is the most knowledgeable and professional realtor we have ever met, and after interviewing a number of other professionals, we felt totally confident with her and her team. Due to a change in job which required a quick and unexpected move out of state, Laura made the daunting task of listing, marketing, showing and selling our home as we prepared for our move so easy for us, coordinating efforts and helping us take care of our affairs from out of state. The way Laura and her team were able to present our home with boxes packed and stacked was nothing short of amazing. She was able to guide us every step of the way, and we are eternally grateful. Thank you Laura for a stress- free sale. I highly recommend Laura and her team.