Can I just say … The Scammers ARE out there!!

I am sure many have heard the phrase “Oh, that’s a scam” … well truth be told … The scammers are definitely out there, and I have unfortunately experienced this firsthand. I won’t bore you with the details, all is good, thank GOD … but I did want to remind everyone to be mindful of this disturbing fact as you go about your everyday.

Let me just say, I am not one to sound the alarm bell, in fact quite the contrary. I am one that will always look to the good … that’s what keeps us going, right? With everything being done online these days, from online banking to online shopping, to social media, email, texting, to whatever … the list goes on and on. This is the world we live today but do understand in doing so we find ourselves putting so much of our own personal information out there, and for many, don’t even give it a second thought. And then, along comes those “scammers” who are giving it a lot of thought, as to how they can manipulate the system, pray on the unsuspected and take advantage of the innocent. Just shameful!!!

So, as we head into the spring market, and with tax season well upon us, we may find ourselves putting a lot of important, personal information out there online just as a matter of process. Whether its tax documents being sent to your tax accountant, or perhaps banking information being sent over the wires for your mortgage approval, all necessary and important … we should just be mindful about how you’re getting those documents over. Don’t just snap some pics of your personal data or important personal information because it’s easy – think of other ways wherever possible. Make sure your information is securely being sent over as best you can, and when in doubt and possible – “hand deliver” – Oh, what a concept!!! We may have to start thinking about when and where possible to go back to some of our “old ways” in this regard, or look to putting some better systems in place that will better secure your online day to day operations. 

We all have do what we have to do, this is just a small reminder to all to be careful and mindful of how and where you are doing your online business, whether it’s business or your personal business. 

Happy Spring!!


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