Regardless of what’s going on in the market today – people will still be buying homes and selling homes.  People will buy and sell real estate for their own wants and needs as they want and need … no matter of what’s happening in the real estate market.  The time to buy and sell real estate is when you are ready!  Will it give some buyers and sellers pause – absolutely!  Will it make them “rethink” some of their decisions – you bet!  Will it change their wants & needs to a more realistic approach – no doubt.  Selling strategies may change, budgets may change, the way in which they thought they were going to purchase can change – what they were hoping to purchase may change and will now become a little more of a reality check so as to become more obtainable given our current economic climate.  But make no mistake – if buyers and sellers have a need “now” for whatever their reasons … they can and will make it happen.  For some … they may just have to adjust their way of thinking. 

Below are just a few reasons why people want & need to “make a move” …

A Need for More Space – Looking for more indoor and outdoor space can be important, especially with remote working becoming more commonplace.  Your growing family may no longer have the space they need or want to live comfortably, for example.

A desire to live closer to family and loved ones – can be a need experienced by many.  Again, due to remote work, individuals & families now have expanded options on where they would like to live. These days, this possibility becomes even more of a reality – as companies in the past had relocated their employees for work, or people took jobs out of state for a good employment or career opportunity.  Now, companies no longer tie their employees to that circumstance.

Retirement and/or downsizing – is another big reason why people make the move.  You’ve worked most of your adult life, and now it is “your time” to enjoy life!   Making things easier as we grow older is the goal for so many older adults.  

Keep in mind, while mortgage rates will play a factor in your decision-making process – living in a home that suits your wants and needs for whatever your reasons are – is just as important of a factor.  The time to buy and sell real estate is when you are ready.  

If you are thinking it may be time for you to buy or sell real estate – feel free to contact me … I am. here to help!

Helping buyers & sellers achieve their real estate goals.

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