While traditionally, we have seen, and can all agree that in years past, Spring and Fall have always been the best and expected time to put your home on that market …  and this will probably continue to be the case looking forward.   I would just add a few things to ponder on if you are at the point of trying to make that decision to do what’s best for you. 

Your Real Estate Goals: 

First, and foremost – What is “your” timeline?  When is the best time for you, giving your real estate goals?   There really are no hard and fast rule to follow.  The time is right when the time is right for you!  There will always be buyers out there, no matter what the market.  Achieving your real estate goals within your own timeline should be your focus.

Increased Competition: 

If you follow along with the idea of when you “think” you should place your home on the market, for example – spring market, just consider this.  There will certainly be an increased number of homes placed on the market at that time which increases your competition.  Now in our current market, where there is such a lack of inventory – that may not be the case, but in the grand scheme of it all, it is. Now I am not suggesting that spring is not the best time to place your home on the market, it may very well be … I am just suggesting that you look at the BIG picture before deciding what time is the best time for you. 

Less Competition:

During the months of summer where traditionally people are focused on school ending, and vacations beginning – the market will tend to slow a bit.  Same holds true for the holiday seasons, and the winter months.  I would just say this … if there are buyers out there during that time, they more than likely will be more “serious buyers” wanting to buy.  If there are less homes to choose from – the competition is not as strong, and buyers may have to choose from only a handful of properties – and you may be the only show it town.  

Having said all that, if you are on the fence about “when” to place your home on the market, it may be helpful to speak to a Realtor, who can help you make that determination based upon your own personal situation.  Perhaps your home is not be ready to be put on the market right away for one reason or another, your Realtor can suggest what may need to be done to get your home “show-ready”, and that might take a little time for example.  Knowing where you are going is also a crucial part of the decision-making process.  How do you get from here to there with where you are now are the conversations that can be discussed with your Realtor to help you to make sense of it all, and In the end will help you determine a timeline that will work best for you and your real estate goals. 

Helping Buyers & Sellers achieve their real estate goals

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