In order to have a good outcome in a real estate transaction, you should seek the advice and representation of an experienced sellers’ agent, whether it is perceived to be a “normal” market or the crazy market we are currently in.  Their knowledge of the market, pricing strategies, suggestions on how best to showcase your home prior to placing on the market that will gain you the best return, is priceless.  

Locating a buyer for a property is just the first step to getting your home sold.  It is navigating the many steps in between … and trust be there can be a few along the way, along with getting over the “will be” hurdle of negotiations of contract terms, selecting a buyer based upon their mortgage qualification, inspections, and appraisal – all of which can either make or break the deal.  Realtors have the experience and knowledge to get ahead of and through those bumps in the road to keep the transaction on track and close!  

Many times, sellers will ask me what they should to get their home ready for the market?   Very often they will give me a list of all the things they had plans to do – but when I visit their home for an evaluation, I am able to prioritize that list, on what tasks would be important to do and what may not be necessary, offering them tips on inexpensive ways to make a greater impact while saving them money considering the budget they have to work within.   

This market can be overwhelming, having a trusted real estate advisor on your side guiding you through this process gives you clarity, confidence, and success that will bring you to the closing table – selling your home for the most money with the best contract terms … getting you to where you want to be on time!

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