Before a seller puts their home on the market, they should consider this.  If a seller is on the fence about selling their home, or perhaps they have already made the decision to sell … it would be important for them to speak with their Realtor to discuss their real estate goals and ask those important questions so they can reach those goals.  While sellers may not always know all the questions to ask, speaking with a Realtor that has the knowledge and experience of the market, should give them the assurances needed to make informed decisions.  It is important to seek their guidance so they can assist you in positioning your home on the market which will gain you the most value with the most favorable terms when your home is sold.

Having a sellers counseling session gives them clarity and sets expectations as they go through the process.  This can be accomplished as a sit-down meeting in-person, virtual, or even over the phone if that’s the only option.

One or two of the BIG objections I get from the sellers as we go through the sellers counseling session right now are “OK, I am ready to sell my house now, but where will I go?” or, “I don’t want to over-pay on my purchase?” While sellers are benefiting from “the current” seller’s market, the worry of not finding a home they can move into is a concern for them.   Whether they are downsizing, upsizing, or even moving out of town, the concern is real, and there are some strategies that can be put in place to eliminate some of the concern.  The other objection I hear is, “I don’t want to over-pay on my purchase.”  While I would agree this is a true statement, the fact of the matter is you can’t have it both ways right, and no matter how good your Realtor is, as it is their job to negotiate the best purchase price for you – the bottom line is they are still working within the current market climate.  And let’s not forget about the unprecedented low interest rates we are experiencing now that offer buyers more purchase power.  If you can look at it in this way, it may give you a little better perspective – Your net proceeds from the sale of your home that could be put down on your next home you wish to purchase will be much higher than you had ever thought it could be, right?  Now roll in the low interest rates!   With the additional money you will be receiving from your sale and the money you will be saving on your purchase due to low interest rates, could make all the difference.  Make sense?  

Once the sellers counseling session takes place, conversations are had and questions answered, and the seller makes the decision to sell their home– the next step would be for your Realtor to take a tour of the home, if they have not done so already.  This will enable them to do the work necessary to provide you with a Comparable Market Analysis.  This usually takes place on a second visit.  Your Realtor should provide you with this analysis that will demonstrate the current market value of your home as it stands in today’s market. At this same time, they should discuss their marketing plan to put in place that will position your home to have the best exposure to attract the most potential buyers.  

In addition, I always share with my seller clients a list of “must dos” which may be needed prior to placing their home on the market, and in some cases, this may include home staging.  I always have a list on hand of service providers that I share with my sellers to give them the resources they may need to do any maintenance prior to placing their home on the market along with some tips that will surely make their home “show ready” … All of this will position your home to give it the best exposure to the most potential buyers, in an effort to net you the most value for your home on closing day!

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