So being a Realtor isn’t just about selling houses … it is also counseling buyers & sellers through the process. While all Realtors want to see all their hard work turn into a sale that nets us a paycheck.  The reality is … until a property closes – we do not get paid.  With that in mind … part of our job as Realtors is to educate our sellers and buyers and set reasonable expectations before, during and after the process.  That’s the life of a Realtor – one I take very seriously and take to heart … and work very hard to help my buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals!

As a Realtor, one would think that we are all about the sale … but honestly, for me, not so much!  Don’t get me wrong … getting paid for a job I love to do – is just awesome!  But there are times when I have to counsel my buyers, for example … to know when to “walk away” from a property that they are looking to purchase and are very excited about.  We are living through a market like no other.  Properties come on and off the market in a blink of an eye, and sellers are getting list price or above list price, and in many cases, we are seeing multiple offers!  That is great news for the sellers!  While values are increasing in many areas due to the lack of inventory … supply and demand if you will …  it is still very important to “price your home correctly” – even in this crazy market!  Your Realtor should be able to give you the market data you need to make an educated decision on pricing your home correctly given our current market.   I would also counsel my sellers with the increase in buyer demand and the lack of inventory, that it is especially important in this crazy market to price their home correctly … because a home priced correctly – will stimulate more buyer interest – which may put you in a “multiple offer situation – thereby driving the price up!  I find that the market is ever changing and being able to counsel sellers on how best to market their home through the process is what I do … pricing is the KEY factor no doubt, along with home staging (the fun part of my job) in many cases can be key as well to netting you the best value from your home sale in any market!

Having said that, working with buyers in this market has its challenges no doubt!   There have been many times that I can’t even schedule an appointment for my buyers to see a property before the seller has already accepted an offer … on day 1 … making it pretty frustrating for the buyers.  Helping them through those disappointments, keeping them focused and positive on their end goal as we navigate through, will for certain lead them to their “perfect home.”  Case in point …  after a one-year search, we locate a property that my first-time home buyer falls in love with, and hopes it to be their “forever home” … only to find out after an agreed upon offer by both buyer and seller, that during their home inspection, the inspector had brought to light many issues for the buyer that could not be seen with the naked eye.  Issues that will ultimately cost my buyers a lot of money that their budget will not afford.   – Thank you – Tom Schloetter/Owner of Allied Home Inspections, for doing what you do best!   So … you counsel your buyers on the pros and cons of moving forward, or not with the purchase of the home – ultimately it being their decision.

First Time Home Buyers have never done this before, and there are many sellers who have lived in their homes for many years that need the guidance to navigate the process of buying and selling a home.  This is what I do best, and thankful to be a part of it.

Thankfully, in this case, they decided to walk-away, understanding that after much discussion, and getting some input from family members … they realized they would be getting in way over their head if they were to move forward with this home purchase.  I am happy that they made that decision … and it was a difficult one for them!  I know, without a shadow of a doubt, we will find their “forever home” … this was just not it!

Stay tuned …



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